Facebook + BMW Group Xing Zalando

In the past I had the opportunity to work with some major companies on several projects: An app for car drivers, an app helping to make more meaningful business contacts and a product aiming to raise the diversity rate in the company.

Facebook + BMW Group

Not all car drivers have the same priorities when it comes to parking, but they all face a common problem. Parking takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money, especially when you live or work near the city center. During my three months at the Digital Product School by the UnternehmerTUM venture capital, I worked with five other creative students on an app solving the parking situation for the busy-living people in Munich. By the end of our time there, we presented the jury our high-fidelity prototype and an app with most of the functionality implemented.

Start Duration Location Team
May 2018 12 weeks Munich, Germany 2 IxD, 3 SE, 1 PM


Exchanging contact details has to be done fast in a time when nobody carries business cards with them anymore. In my very first university project, I joined a small team at Xing to develop an app, which aimed to make this exchange of personal information seamless. In the beginning, we comprehensively analyzed the problem space to find out what users really need when they want to make a business connection in real life. Afterwards, we developed various concepts of an app tackling the emerged user needs and we started designing the first prototype. Our solution was a live map of people in your surroundings and suggestions of the contacts you most likely are interested in, based on each others Xing profiles. The exchange of contact details was then happening with a single click.

Start Duration Location Team
January 2018 12 weeks Berlin, Germany 2 IxD, 1 PM


During the internal hack week at Zalando, me and five other design students from my university joined two company employees in developing a product to increase the diversity rate within the company. Getting a promotion is difficult if you don't know the right people and the unwritten rules within a company. With our internal software, we made it easy for employees to find a mentor in a leading position to help them achieve personal career goals. The hack week jury honored the product with one out of three golden tickets. This means that the project was financed and handed over to employees for further development.

Start Duration Location Team
January 2018 1 week Berlin, Germany 6 IxD, 2 HR
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