Hey, I'm Marius Claret

I am a young creative student from Berlin, who recently completed his Bachelor of Arts in Interaction Design. I design and develop intuitive digital products for the web and native platforms. As a designer I pursue ideas that put people first by listening and spotting desires. As a developer I care deeply about the web's future and technologies that allow smooth, powerful and healthy experiences.

Technologies I work with

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, TypeScript, Node.js, Git, Sketch, Framer, Figma, Zeplin, Rotato, Firebase, Supabase

Get in touch with me

I like Adaptive Icons (2 minutes reading time)

Adaptive Icons are intended to make all icons on a device look coherent and still allowing customization by applying different masks. I built a template for Sketch and a web tool to support designers in creating and debugging their icons.

Quick Links: Sketch Template, Adapticon

I like Progressive Web Apps (4 minutes reading time)

Progressive Web Apps use modern web capabilities to deliver app-like experiences right in the browser without the need for downloading and waiting. I designed and developed multiple of these apps and built an app store alternative for them.

Quick Links: Spotlight, Adapticon, Headline, Outweb

My Company Work (3 minutes reading time)

In the past I had the opportunity to work with some major companies on several projects: An app for car drivers, an app helping to make more meaningful business contacts and a product aiming to raise the diversity rate in the company.

Quick Links: Facebook + BMW Group, Xing, Zalando

Do you have any questions? I'd love to hear from you!