Hey, I'm Marius Claret

I design and develop intuitive experiences for the web and native platforms. My passion drives me to pay great attention to detail, down to the very pixel. At the moment I am based in Berlin and study Interaction Design at CODE University.

Top 8 technologies I work with

Sketch, Framer, Figma, Zeplin, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Firebase

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Alife ¬ University Project
Artificial life and evolutionary algorithms deal with the study and simulation of life and evolution. In this research project I capture the main processes and behavior of artificial cells and visualize them in a three-dimensional environment.
¬ Since January 2019, Berlin
Keeet ¬ University Project
Me and my team started this semester with an idea for a system that manages everything related to organizing and conducting usability tests and user interviews. It covers the planning, execution and result analysis of the interview sessions. My field of work included creating our brand identity and style guidelines as well as designing and coding main aspects of our software products.
¬ September 2018 - January 2019, Berlin
Parky ¬ In cooperation with Facebook & BMW Group
Not all people have the same priorities when it comes to parking, but they all have a common problem. Parking takes a lot of time and money, especially when you live or work in the city center. During the three months of Digital Product School by the UnternehmerTUM venture capital, I worked with five other industrious students on an app solving the parking situation for the busy-living people in Munich. By the end we had a beautiful high-fidelity prototype and an app performing most of the functionality we came up with.
¬ May 2018 - July 2018, Munich
Android 8 introduces a new format for app icons called Adaptive Icons, which can display a variety of shapes across different device models. This tool helps designers to debug and optimize their icons.
November 2017 ¬ Progressive Web App ¬ https://adapticon.tooo.io
Get live headlines from over 40 sources including Bloomberg, The New York Times, TechCrunch, The Verge, The Washington Post and many more.
June 2017 ¬ Progressive Web App ¬ https://headline.tooo.io
Adaptive Icon Template
Powerful Sketch template for designers to create Adaptive Icons while always having a live preview of all different icon shapes.
January 2018 ¬ Sketch Resource ¬ https://sketchappsources.com
Handshake ¬ In cooperation with XING
Exchanging contact details has to be done fast in a time where no one has business cards in their pockets anymore. In our first university project we developed an app which makes this exchange seamlessly. First we comprehensively analyzed the problem space to find out what users really need when they want to make a connection in real life. Our solution shows a distinct map of people in your surroundings and matches you with the ones you most likely are interested in. Afterwards, the contact details exchange happens with just a simple click.
¬ January 2018 - April 2018, Berlin
Find a mentor ¬ In cooperation with Zalando
During the internal hack week at Zalando, a team of six design students, including me, and two company employees, developed a concept to increase diversity within the company. Getting a promotion can be hard if you don't know the right people and the rules within the company. With our internal software, we made it easy for someone to find a mentor in a leading position to help them achieve their career goals. The hack week jury honored the concept with the golden ticket, which means the project will be financed and continued.
¬ January 2018, Berlin
This directory contains all high quality Progressive Web Apps out there. You can review and share apps you like and even show off your own Progressive Web Apps.
September 2017 ¬ Progressive Web App ¬ https://outweb.io
Keep track of everything popular, new and upcoming in the world of entertainment, even when your browser is closed. Powered by The Movie Database (TMDb).
September 2017 ¬ Progressive Web App ¬ https://spotlight.tooo.io
Google Search Redesign
In my opinion the current design of the Google Search website could use a revision. This is a cleaner and more beautiful version.
January 2018 ¬ Sketch Resource ¬ https://sketchappsources.com
Sign in with Google
Google authentication buttons for Sketch designs. The styling follows Google's official design guideline.
January 2018 ¬ Sketch Resource ¬ https://sketchappsources.com
Material Design notepad to store your notes. Also customizable with different font faces, font sizes and a dark and a light theme.
February 2017 ¬ Progressive Web App ¬ https://scribbler.tooo.io
Material Design calculator. Nothing special. This app just calculates numbers ...
March 2017 ¬ Progressive Web App ¬ https://calculator.tooo.io
My very first public project which I worked on while learning HTML, CSS and jQuery. The game was developed with web technologies and wrapped in an Android app by Apache Cordova.
March 2016 ¬ Android App ¬ https://play.google.com